1. yallet:

    Surprised puppy.

    My mom slapped me hard after watch this.

  2. Sunshine (line)

  3. High five!

  4. Reds

  5. Red fish (line)

  6. yallet:


    I just brought my first puppy ‘yallet’ last week :D!

    And made a photo/video blog for him!

    He is Bichon Frise which was born in January 1, 2014.


  7. e-youngie asked: i was just wondering if you would have any prints of the orange caramel picture up anywhere?

    Oh, I only sell my original prints.

    I can’t sell fan art because I didn’t allowed. Thanks ^^

  9. Crop shot.


  10. Daily drawing

  11. Cichlid

  12. Red velvet ant

  13. A fluffy bird.

  14. Fish Heaven

    Directed by Me
    Technical directed by Jungwoo Yang
    Sound effect by Jhiyeon Oh

    (Source: vimeo.com)

  15. Of course, let him go first.